ProMark "Simon Phillips" Drum Sticks
Tama "Monarch" Signature Snare Drum
Tama 12" Signature Wooden Snare Drum
2 Iron Cobra Kick Pedals
Iron Cobra Hi-hat Stand
Tama Drum Rack System
Tama Starclassic Tom 7 x 10"
Tama Starclassic Tom 9 x 12"
Tama Starclassic Tom 10 x 13"
Tama Starclassic Tom 11 x 14"
Tama Starclassic Tom 12 x 15"
Tama Starclassic Tom 13 x 16"
Tama Starclassic Gong Drum 20"
4 Tama Octobans, Low Set
Tama Drum Throne
Zildjan A 24" Swish Knocker
Zildjan A 22" Oriental China
Zildjan A Custom 22" Ride
Zildjan A Custom 12" Splash
Zildjan Proto Type Sound Lab 19"
Zildjan Proto Type Sound Lab 18"
Zildjan Proto Type Sound Lab 17"
Zildjan Proto Type Sound Lab 14"
Zildjan 10" Hi-hat
2 Tama Starclassic Bass drum 16 x 24" with 2 Beta 52 microphones
Plywood Custom Drum Plinth

Jazz-Kit (Vantage Point)

The "Vantage Point" kit is as follows:
Tama Starclassic Maple in British Racing Green/Gold fittings:
14" x 22" Bass Drum 5 ply w/reinforcing ring
16" x 16" Floor Tom Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom Tom
10" x 13" Rack Tom
9" x 12" Rack Tom

Signature "Gladiator" Snare Drum 5-1/2" x 14"

Cymbals are all Zildjian - from left to right
14" K Hihats
22" Constantinople Ride
16" Constantinople Crash
24" Constantinople Ride
18" Constantinople Crash

Sticks are Pro Mark "Will Kennedy" model
That was the kit on the record and the tour - however I have since added a third Floor Tom - 16" x 18". I change the cymbals occassionally - I have been using La Cie crashes and also K crashes and various ride cymbals on the left hand side.
The heads on the record/tour were Remo Suede on kick and toms - Ambassador coated on the snare.
I only use a single pedal with this kit.